About Us

With more than 15 years of experience as the head of a prominent European snacks brand in the nuts and dried fruits market, both in Turkey and Germany, Emre Tekinalp is the founder and CEO of PeaKaPop. 

This experience has given him insights into the snack market and the importance of providing healthy and delicious snack options.

Following the birth of his two children and efforts to offer them nutritious snacks, Emre Tekinalp made the decision to establish his own brand that exclusively employs clean ingredients.

PeaKaPop is carefully crafted in our own production facility, where we use the most cutting-edge technology and the healthiest ingredients to ensure its quality.

PeaKaPop is fully prepared and enthusiastic about serving its customers.

PeaKaPop introduces a unique approach to a healthy living that balances wellness and enjoyment for our customers.